Property Tax Reduction

Lower Property Taxes will Increase Your Bottom Line

Act Now to lower your Property Tax!

It is your right to ensure that the property taxes you pay each year are based upon a true and current value and proper allocation. County assessors are not in the business of voluntarily reducing property taxes…We are!

Centergy Tax Inc., specializes in commercial property types including but not limited to: Retail, Office, Mixed Use, Industrial, Automobile Dealerships, and Gas Stations. We perform the following services:


  • Real Property Tax Assessment  Review
  • Real Property Reduction Appeals (Decline in value appeals)
  • Real Property Tax Maintenance (Maintaining lower values)
  • New Construction Assessment Appeals
  • Escape Notices (Supplemental tax bills )
  • Changes In Ownership ( Gifting, Selling family entities, Death)
  • Calamity ( Flood or Fire )
  • Stagnant Market Refunds

Centergy has offices in Northern & Southern California.
We have a team of appraisers, retired assesors, CPAs, attorneys, real estate brokers, cost segregation and finance professionals that will handle the process from start to finish. Most fees are contingency based, so if we don’t prevail, you don’t pay.